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Apruvd offers 100% guaranteed fraud protection

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Turn False Declines into Revenue

All-Wall partnered with Apruvd to review only declined orders. Using Apruvd’s Review 2.0 Service, All-Wall was able to accept 90% of would-be declined orders, increasing total revenue by 4%. Read case study

Approve More Orders

Our success rate far exceeds any other fraud solution. On average, we approve 50% of orders that get declined for suspected fraud.

Payment Assurance

Never pay for a chargeback again. Eliminate chargebacks and the frustration and manual labor that comes with them.

Layered Approach

Work with us in parallel with your other fraud tools. We offer custom plans to fit your needs, and it's risk-free!

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Our Payment Assurance service helps online companies operate with zero losses due to fraud, from small businesses to members of the Internet Retailer Top 100.

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Payment Assurance Service Plans

We make it easy to grow your customer base and increase sales without ever losing sleep over chargebacks.

  • Best ROI

    Review 2.0
    Before you reject any order for fraud risk, let us review it with another pair of eyes. On average, we approve 50% of orders that would otherwise be declined.
  • Most Flexible

    Tailor a customized service plan to make the best use of our Payment Assurance program for your specific needs.
  • Easiest Use

    Select orders for guaranteed review using a simple set of rules, such as mismatched billing information.
  • Comprehensive

    Complete Coverage
    Get Payment Assurance for all of your store's orders, completely eliminating the costs of fraud and manual reviews.

Our prices are the best in the industry. Contact us today to see what plan is best for you.

Payment Assurance

Accept any customer, anywhere in the world, with zero risk. We cover chargebacks when you get them. With Payment Assurance by Apruvd, we only make money when you do.

No Fees or Commitments

No long-term contract, no cancellation fee, no monthly minimum. We let the value of our work speak for itself.

Flexible and Customizable

We provide value by increasing customer acquisition, eliminating chargeback losses, and reallocating labor costs. We work closely with you to guarantee the highest ROI in the industry.

Approval of Orders Declined by Other Systems
Chargeback Rate
Declined Sales Recovered
Average ROI

Seamless Integration

Our RESTful API is designed to be lightweight and exceptionally easy to integrate with. Small teams typically complete the process in under a week.

Client Libraries

Coming soon! Integrate with minimal IT costs by taking advantage of our PHP, JavaScript, or Python client libraries.

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Coming soon! Get set up in minutes if your business runs on Shopify, Magento, Volusion, or Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Free Support

Our team is constantly adding new features and custom functionality to meet clients' needs, all completely free of charge.

About Us

Apruvd offers 100% guaranteed fraud protection. We combine big data, modern fraud technologies, and deep linking abilities with expert human analysis to accurately identify legitimate customers.


We specialize in decisioning high-difficulty orders. Many partners utilize our Payment Assurance for orders that have already been rejected by both a risk scoring engine and a manual review.

Our technology, process, and expert staff approve 50% of these orders on average. We have saved merchants hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue that would have otherwise been turned away.


At Apruvd, our comprehensive review is bar none. We operate in a collaborative environment and provide extensive notes, on topics like the reasoning of our decisions, typo corrections, and recommended steps to resolve any issues with an order.

We believe in continuous cooperation with our partners. Customer service is top-priority in our organization and nothing makes us happier than providing best-in-class service.


Our core team maintains industry-leading performance. Our fraud analysts receive constant on-the-job training and work closely with our partners to learn the nuances of their customer bases and fraud patterns.

Because of our adaptive approach to human review, we have an extensive record of solving new and complex problems in fraud management in extremely short order.

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We are available to provide custom solutions and meet virtually any needs in the fraud prevention space.

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