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  • Posted By Corwin Cole | Case Study , Review 2.0
    After successfully working with Apruvd for two years using the Review 2.0 plan, All-Wall switched to the Complete Coverage plan.
  • Posted By Corwin Cole | Case Study , Review 2.0
    Learn more about how Apruvd's Payment Assurance program grew to cover 100% of Power Equipment Direct's business against fraud risk, while decreasing chargebacks by 70% and enabling sales to grow by 1.5% within the first year.
  • Posted By Corwin Cole | Events
    In the midst of Hurricane Irma's devastation, we are grateful to be in the corner of people who are working fiercely to support relief efforts and supply much-needed generators, safety equipment, and tools and materials required for repairs. Despite the significant strain on logistics departments, with the relentless work ethic of employees, both in our clients' offices and ours, we have been able to ensure on-time fulfillment of thousands of generators and other supplies to Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and the Caribbean.
  • Posted By Corwin Cole | AVS , Rules , CVV
    Ecommerce merchants rely heavily on the Address Verification System (AVS) and Card Verification Value (CVV2) as a first line of defense against fraudsters. In a recent data review, we found that, when a mismatch is considered to indicate fraud, both of these data points trigger over 90% false positives. Our data review sampled our most recent million transactions. We considered AVS response codes of 'N', 'I4', 'I5', 'I6', 'I7', and 'I8' to be mismatches, though in many payment gateway configurations, 'Z' is also included in this group. For CVV2 response codes, we only sampled transactions that generated an 'N'.